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Forget Stocks. Millenials want their money in cold, hard cash.

Here's an article from CNN-Money about Millenials— 18-29 year olds are a recession-scarred generation and have a risk aversion to investing money in stocks and real estate. They want it in cash—all cash—. Is that an investment?  It is accessible and usable for immediate needs. Is that enough? Economists hope that this generation will return to stocks and other investments, as they have the largest retirement burden and it does take some sacrifice. Read more….here.

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How Seattle Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Here is a story on How Seattle Neighborhoods Got their Names. See Here…..


1.  What was the original name of Beacon Hill?

2.  What neighborhood is the oldest suburb of Seattle?

3.  When was Columbia City established?

4. Where did the term skid row come from?

5. Who was First Hill Mill owner?

6. What made Greenlake green?

7. Where is Hillman City located?

8. What year did China Town receive official designation of "International District".

9. What is Maj. Gen. Henry Ware Lawton known for?

10. What is Seattle's oldest neighborhood and original downtown?


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Do Remodeling Projects Pay?

Take a peek at this great information that can help inform your remodel projects and when to do them even–some you might not even suspect would be worth doing. Timing is also important. Why not have a plan to enjoy your remodel work before you have to sell and leave it all for someone else!? 

Do Remodeling Projects Pay?



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What Matters in Approval

Sometimes it is just a good review to see what is considered in qualifying for a mortgage. Click the link to this article and see what ya think. The four C’s what are they?

Take Care out there!

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Free Carbon Monoxide Device

Be entered into a drawing  to receive a free carbon monoxide device for your home. As noted in my previous blog post, as of April 1, 2012, one will be required in every single family home sold, and will expand to multiplexes by 2013, and all homes by a similar time. Might as well get one now!

Contact me from this web site–located at the bottom of the page. THANKS!!

The article is found here:  carbon-monox.cfm

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It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day

There’s a common phrase throughout this sought after neighborhood of Edmonds just 20 min. north of Seattle and a popular destination for many Northwesterners. It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day just smacks of beautiful views found from the downtown proper overlooking the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and a host of activity on the water especially during the spring and summer.

One of my favorite places to go is the Marina Park also adjacent to the off-leash dog park with wide open spaces for summer picnics, family activities, volleyball, playing in the sand or just sitting on the logs and viewing the busy waterfront.

Take a look at this Link to Edmonds Parks.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

Buying Investment property is one of the ways to improve your bottom line regarding your personal wealth. Numerous Americans are taking advantage of this historic Buyers market, and building their future wealth.

My 4-plex in Edmonds, WA, sold this week with numerous multiple offers, as a case in point. Buyers are recongnizing that this product is good and has value!  You can take a look at it here.  It reminds me of how great an investment these rental properties are. The rental market is strong and is expected to continue for some time. With lending practices tightening up the criteria for home mortgages, not just everyone can get a mortgage as they did in the more recent past, also precipitating the economic downturn that we have experienced. So, more people are needing rentals.

Couple of articles related to this:

1)  CNN Now It’s a Great Time to Invest!

2)  Seattle Times: Rent vs Own

The important aspects about investment property is to buy in the right location–close to amenities, bus lines, hospitals, shops, etc, as various renters are without cars and rely on bus connections. Real estate is often–almost always about location, location, location. The Loan to Value–amount to purchase and the amount of downpayment. The rent you charge should at least cover the mortgage payment and more if possible.

Homes and multiplexes are at an all time low, so if you are sitting on the fence, this might be the time to consider taking the plunge.


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I’d Buy Up a Couple Hundred Thousand

Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, said he’d buy up a couple hundred thousand single family homes if it were practical to do so. They are a very attractive investment right now, he continues. He has a very positive outlook for the recovery and for the investment climate in America right now.

Buffett on the Economy

Aside from the housing sector, Buffett says the U.S. economic recovery is healthy and won’t be derailed by rising oil prices.  He repeated what he’s been saying throughout the recession, that it’s always been a “terrible mistake” to be pessimistic on the U.S. over the long term.

This article among several other economic indicators should be an incentive to prospective home buyers that it’s a good bet to bet on real estate and if they are going to buy, get out and do so now.

In the Seattle area right now, we are experiencing a very strong market and a return to a seller’s market in many areas of Snohomish and King county. See maps from NWMLS just recently released.

Have Fun Out There–Buy a home!


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Keeping Folks in their Homes

Here is a great article in the Seattle Times Real Estate Section on March 26th 2012…talking about the new campaign that Bank of America is proposing to allow people to stay in their homes and rent. They are beta testing it in three states, Arizona, New York and Nevada. If the reaction is positive, it will be expanded to other states.

No program is an end all or is a be all, but any attempt to aid distressed homeowners in this very difficult time, is at least some good news.

Check it out. Keeping Folks in Their Home

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