How Seattle Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Here is a story on How Seattle Neighborhoods Got their Names. See Here…..


1.  What was the original name of Beacon Hill?

2.  What neighborhood is the oldest suburb of Seattle?

3.  When was Columbia City established?

4. Where did the term skid row come from?

5. Who was First Hill Mill owner?

6. What made Greenlake green?

7. Where is Hillman City located?

8. What year did China Town receive official designation of "International District".

9. What is Maj. Gen. Henry Ware Lawton known for?

10. What is Seattle's oldest neighborhood and original downtown?


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It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day

There’s a common phrase throughout this sought after neighborhood of Edmonds just 20 min. north of Seattle and a popular destination for many Northwesterners. It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day just smacks of beautiful views found from the downtown proper overlooking the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and a host of activity on the water especially during the spring and summer.

One of my favorite places to go is the Marina Park also adjacent to the off-leash dog park with wide open spaces for summer picnics, family activities, volleyball, playing in the sand or just sitting on the logs and viewing the busy waterfront.

Take a look at this Link to Edmonds Parks.

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